Kelo Cottage Saariselkä

Space and ambiance in a comfortable log cabin right in downtown Saariselkä.


13 guests

5 bedrooms


Pets not allowed

kelo hirsimökki olohuone saariselkä majoitus

Kelo is a comfortable log cabin right in downtown Saariselkä. There is room for 11 + 2 guests. The cabin has served in entertainment use for decades; President Kekkonen has visited there, among others. Nowadays Kelo serves as a high-quality lodging for families and work groups.

Well equipped kitchen

The kitchen is sufficient for the most demanding of cooks, and is well equipped. The kitchen is equipped with Miele appliances, 2 refridgerators, a freezer, wine cabin, a large selection of Arabia tableware, and a coffee machine.

The magic of teleworking in Saariselkä

There is a separate work room in the cabin, and its entrance is outdoors. There are two adjustable desks and a saddle chair in the room, so it is easy to maintain ergonomic working habits. There is a Wi-Fi network with Internet connection in the cabin.

työhuone mökki saariselkä kelo kolmen koukun


240 square meters

13 guests

5 bedrooms


Pets not allowed

kelo olohuone takka mökki saariselkä majoitus
takkahuone kelo mökki saariselkä

Sauna and fireplace room are located at the other end of the cabin.

kelo keittiö hirsimökki saariselkä majoitus
makuuhuone 2 sänkyä kelo mökki inari saariselkä

Kelo has five bedrooms and four of them has an en-suite toilet and shower.

suksi huolto tila mökki saariselkä

The cabin is equipped with a separate ski maintenance room, and there is a decent selection of skis and ski shoes to be used freely by the guests.

makuuuhuone kelo mökki vuokra mokki saariselkä

Bedrooms are located in a separate wing, so sleep won’t be interrupted when the kitchen is used.


pohjakuva kelo mökki saariselkä mökit


  • Wash towers
  • Drying cabinets
  • Dish washers
  • Large flat-screen TVs
  • Coffee maker
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster
  • Elegant tableware
  • A comprehensive selection of kitchen tools
  • Wi-Fi


Kelo cabin is located in Raitopolku 4, 99830 Inari.

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