Tunturipöllö Cottage Saariselkä

When there is never enough. Gorgeous log cabin right in downtown Saariselkä.


18 guests

7 bedrooms


Pets not allowed

mökki saariselkä inari majoitus kelomökki

Tunturipöllö cabin’s area is 300 sqm (3200 sqft), so members of a small group may get lost in there and even a large group can have their privacy. The cabin has a colorful history; the previous owner is quite obvious when you see the television in the sauna and the owl theme in the cabin.

The history of the cottage is colourful, you can guess the previous owners by the TV in the sauna and the owl theme in the cottage. Both the Tunturipöllö and Kelo cottages have hosted many notable people over the years.

Space for larger groups

The kitchen is neat and well equipped; in addition to basic equipment there is a wine cooler and an ice machine. There is enough room in the dining nook for the whole group at the same time. Kitchen noises won’t carry to bedrooms, so everybody will be comfortable even if there are early birds or late night snackers among the guests. Dining nook can be turned into a lecture/collaboration space for 16 people by using the video projector.

ruokailutila keittiö majoitus saariselkä inari

Pick your favorite from seven bedrooms

There are a total of seven bedrooms in Tunturipöllö cabin, five downstairs and two upstairs. Downstairs bedrooms have en-suite toilets. Upstairs toilets have a sink for tooth-brushing; the nearest toilet is in the downstairs lobby.

makuuhuone majoitus saariselkä mökki mökit

Luxurious sauna experiences

Sauna and bathroom are located in one end of the cabin. In addition to sauna and showers the sauna wing offers a separate gaming/television room with a small auxiliary kitchen and refridgerator. As a speciality there is a television also in the sauna!

sauna kelomökki inari saariselkä mökit


300 square meters

18 guests

7 bedrooms


Pets not allowed

tunturipöllö kelomökki majoitus saariselkä
tunturipöllö mökki saariselkä olohuone majoitus
tunturipöllö videotykki kokoukset saariselkä kelomökki
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  • Wash towers
  • Drying cabinets
  • Dish washers
  • Large flat-screen TVs
  • Coffee maker
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster
  • Elegant tableware
  • A comprehensive selection of kitchen tools
  • Wi-Fi


Tunturipöllö cabin is located in Raitopolku 16, 99830 Inari.

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