Saariselkä in the winter

The most spectacular winter experiences in the fells

Check out Saariselkä's services in the winter season

The snow-covered town of Saariselkä is just as idyllic a winter wonderland as one would expect from the heartland of arctic Lapland. The spectrum of winter activities is comprehensive and the picturesque Snowscapes are like straight from the pages of a storybook. Located well north of the Arctic Circle, but still easy to access, Saariselkä offers the setting, equipment and services for a perfect winter holiday. The world of numerous fells opens up in front of the traveler directly from the steps of the holiday home and there are lots of different things to do and activities to try.

A dream destination for cross-country skiers and mountain bikers

For those who want to go cross-country skiing, there are an amazing 200 kilometers of well-maintained trails at Saariselkä. There are various different route options and you can find something for everyone. You can rent the equipment on site. It is also possible to explore the nature of Lapland with snowshoes. 

Distances can be covered in Saariselkä also by bike. Despite the snow, you can easily visit for example Kakslauttanen and Kiilopää by bike. There are good cycling trails that offer a unique and fast-paced way to enjoy the arctic nature of the area.

Saariselkä Ski

For those charmed by speed, the trip’s favorite destination is Europe’s northernmost skiing center located in Saariselkä. The whole family can slide on the slopes of the fells, and among the 15 slopes there is an option that suits everyone’s wishes. The Saariselkä Ski Bus makes moving between destinations quick and easy. You can also find the longest sledding hill of Finland at Saariselkä. It starts from the top of Kaunispää and it’s over a kilometer long! 

One of Finland’s best northern lights destinations

The aurora borealis flickering in the sky is an essential part of a trip to lapland. Saariselkä is geographically a perfect place to spot the northern lights. The best way to admire the lights in the sky is on guided tours, where you will also learn the secrets of photographing them. You can of course enjoy the northern lights also in the middle of activities, during an ice fishing trip for example.

A wide range of services

If you wish to explore the nature of Lapland without having to ski or walk on snowshoes, you can always go on a  reindeer ride or a husky safari! They are a great activity that’s suitable for the whole family. You get to enjoy the amazing views and beautiful nature. Snowmobiles are also a great way to move around the Saariselkä area.

The year-round outdoor recreation center offers a wide range of services and activities. There are also various restaurants in the Saariselkä area. The flavors of the North and the products obtained from the region’s own nature provide unforgettable restaurant experiences and turn a holiday trip into a real taste journey.

Accommodation in Saariselkä

You can easily book all the Kolmen Koukun accommodation options directly online.

If you are traveling with a larger group, the Kelo log cabin in the center of Saariselkä can accommodate 13 guests. Up to 18 guests can be accommodated in the seven bedrooms of the 300 square meter Tunturipöllö cabin. No matter when you arrive – alone or with a group – you are always welcome to enjoy Saariselkä’s wonderful nature! If you have any questions about our accommodation options, don’t hesitate to contact us:

No matter when you arrive – alone or with a group – you are always welcome to enjoy Saariselkä’s wonderful nature!