Terms of rental

1. The Renter has the right to use the premises in the cabin they have rented, except for technical rooms and otherwise locked rooms. Smoking inside, on the terrace or near the cabin is forbidden. Violators of this rule are charged cleaning costs of 300 to 900 euros + VAT per suite. Bringing pets indoors is forbidden. Violators of this rule are charged cleaning costs and possible damages.

2. The Renter is expected to read these Terms of Rental before they pay the reservation. Making the reservation indicates that the Renter accepts these Terms.

3. Required information about the customers (Renter must be of age)

a. Name ______________________________________________________________________
b. Address____________________________________________________________________
c. Phone number__________________________________________________________________
d. E-mail ____________________________________________________________________
e. Passport number (for foreigners) ________________________________________________
f. Our group consists of ______ people.
g. Company name and Company Registration Number (if the Renter is a company) _______________________________________

4. Cabin rent is determined by the time of the year, rental period and number of people. Online Reservation Calendar calculates the rent and specifies the reservation fee and the final payment. The reservation fee must be paid within 48 hours of reservation, or the reservation is deleted. The final payment must be paid 2 months before the arrival day. The reservation fee will not be refunded. If the reservation is made within two months of the arrival day, the reservation can be only made by paying the entire rental amount. Accommodation day starts at 4 PM and ends at 12.00 AM.

5. A cabin/suite rental includes:
– right of use to the cabin/suite and linens
– Internet connection
– Logs for fireplace and pellets for the pellet fireplace
– Final cleaning (see section 12)
– Use of cabin/suite equipment
– Use of cabin/suite skis
– Use of cabin/suite ski lift tickets

6. The reservation must be cancelled either in the Online Reservation Calendar or by sending e-mail to info@kolmenkoukun.fi.

The cancellation has been completed, when Kolmen Koukun Oy has received the cancellation and the reception has been confirmed to the customer. When a reservation is cancelled after the final payment has been paid, only charges based on the number of persons according to section 7 are refunded. This works also when the number of persons decreases.

7. The customer is entitled to a refund that consists of the amount paid to Kolmen Koukun Oy less the reservation fee and 30 euro office fee, if the customer or a person living with them in a shared household becomes seriously ill, or severely injured in an accident, or passes away. The justification for cancellation must be proven to Kolmen Koukun Oy by providing a medical certificate, certificate of death or by any other reliable method. If the cancellation is done within three days (72 hours) of the start of the rental period or during the rental period, no customer charges are refunded. Changing the rental period means cancelling the reservation and making a new reservation. Shortening the rental period does not entitle the customer to refunds, nor does the absence of a person from the Renter’s party.

8. The Renter must not hand over the cabin/suite to a third party without a written permission from the Landlord.

9. The Renter receives the code to the cabin/suite key security box after paying the final payment. The rental period starts on the arrival day at 4 PM and ends on the departure day at 12 AM. The code is delivered via e-mail to the address provided by the Renter.

10. One key must be returned to the key security box on departure day and other key’s can be left at the table. If the key is lost/left in the cabin during the rental period, the host can be asked to open the door, he will charge the customer according to his price list. A payment of 250 euros will be charged for a lost key.

11. If the number of people increases during the rental period, they must be reported in the Online Reservation System, which calculates any additional fees for additional people. If the Renter does not report the additional people and pay the additional fee, the additional fee will be increased by 100%.

12. Renter’s obligations:

a. Keep the cabin/suite clean. Before departure, the customers must put any furniture and other movable property in place, wash the dishes and stack them in their places, turn off any electrical devices and lights, check that the entrance doors and windows are locked, and take the garbage in garbage bags to the outside trash can. An untidy cabin/suite will cause a separate additional cleaning fee based on the cleaning company fee plus an office fee of 30 euros.
b. Take care of the fire safety and follow the safety instructions of the cabin/suite.
c. Take care of the movable property in the cabin/suite. The movable property has been listed and photographed before the arrival of the Renter.
d. Report any damages either by calling to +358 40 561 6630 / Tuovinen or by sending e-mail to info@kolmenkoukun.fi.
e. Report immediately to Kolmen Koukun Oy about any shortages, faulty devices, leaking taps or toilets, water damages etc.

13. The Renter is liable for any damages that they have caused to the cabin/suite, their movable property and equipment, their devices, and the surroundings of the cabin/suite. Neglecting this report will increase the amount of compensation.

14. The Renter has the right to cancel the agreement and get a refund for their payments, if the cabin/suite is not available for the Renter at the start of the rental period (the reservation has been lost, etc.) or the cabin/suite is not suitable for lodging (fire or water damages, etc.) and Kolmen Koukun Oy cannot arrange accommodations for the agreed-on rental period.

15. Kolmen Koukun Oy has the right to terminate the rental agreement, if the Renter causes disruption or danger to their environment. The Renter is liable for any costs caused by termination and any damages they have caused.

16. Any items forgotten at the cabin/suite will be stored for 3 months. Low value items will not be stored. Item enquiries can be sent by e-mail to info@kolmenkoukun.fi. Any item returns will be charged the postage and an office fee of 30 euros.

17.  Any comments or reclamations about the cabin/suite and its services can be sent by e-mail to info@kolmenkoukun.fi.

18. The primary approach to any disputes will be negotiation. If the negotiations fail, the dispute will be solved at the court of Länsi-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus in Lohja. Law of Finland is applicable to this agreement.

Kolmen Koukun Oy, Company Registration number FI2790342-9.
c/o Tuire Holopainen +358 400 242 330